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    Poggendorff's Annalen der Physik und Ckemie, Nos. 5 and 6. —These parts contain the following papers:—No. 5: On the variations in the phases of light when reflected from glass, by P. Glan; account of experiments made in the physical laboratory of Berlin University, under the direction of Prof. Helmholtz.—On some remarkable growths of quartz crystals on calcareous spar from Schneeberg in Saxony, by Aug. Frenzel of Freiberg, and G. vom Rath of Bonn.—Mineralogical researches, by G. vom Rath. This paper treats of pseudomorphous monticellite from Pesmeda, on the Monzoni Mountain in Tyrol, of rhombic sulphur, of calcareous spar from Ahren (Tyrol), and of a peculiar-specimen of quartz from Japan.—On a method to determine extra currents electroscopically, by Dr. F. Fuchs.—On the electric conduction resistance of air, by A. Oberbeck.—On the absorption and refraction of light in metallic opaque bodies, by W. Werniche.—On the changes which take place in temperature at the passage of an electric current from one metal to another, by Dr. Heinr. Buff.—On the isodynamical planes round a vertical magnetic rod, and their application in an investigation of iron ore deposits, based upon magnetic measurements, by Rob. Thalén.—A paper on the same subject, by Th. Dang. Both these papers are from the Kongl. Vetenskaps Förhandlingar.—Spectroscopic Notes, by J. Norman Lockyer: On the evidence of variation in molecular structure, and On the molecular structure of vapours in connection with their densities. These Notes are translated from the Proceedings of the Royal Society, June 11, 1874.—On the distribution of heat in the normal spectrum, by G. Lundquist.—On the time of attraction and repulsion of electro-magnets, by Dr. Schneebeli.—On the mathematical determination of the places of deviation in telegraph lines, by Fr. Schaak.—Experiments on the plasticity of ice, by Prof. F. pfaff. These experiments have been minutely described under our heading “Science in Germany.”—On the behaviour of certain fluorescent bodies towards oleum ricint, by Ch. Horner.—On a new source of magnetism, by Donato Tommasi.—No, 6: On the temporary course of the polarisation current, by Prof. J. Bernstein.—On the objections raised against Weber's law by Tait, Thomson, and Helmholtz, by C. Neumann.—Researches in spectrum analysis, by R. Bunsen. This paper will also appear in detailed extract under our heading “Science in Germany.”—On the evidence of alternation of electricity by means of flames, by F. Fuchs.—On the variations in the phases of light when reflected from glass, by P. Glan (second paper).—On the theory of laying and examining submarine telegraph lines, by W. Siemens.—Researches on the magnetism, of steel rods, by C. Fromme.—On the permanently magnetic moments of magnetic rods and. Höcker's formula: T = p 3√Q × 6√ l, by L. Kölp.—On the influence of the texture of iron on its magnetism, by the same.—On the passage of gases through thin layers of liquids, by F. Exner.

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