Repertorium der Naturwissenschaften


    THIS is a useful supplementary publication to Der Naturforscher. It consists of sixteen columns (the columns are numbered and not the pages) in quarto form. The number for May is made up of twenty-four columns, and gives the titles of more than 600 papers, which are published in upwards of eighty separate works. The periodicals thus indexed are the Monatsberichte (Berlin), Comptes Rendus (Paris), Botanische Zeitung (Leipzig), Flora (Regerftburg), Hedwigia (Dresden), Proceedings of the Royal Society (London), American Journal of Sciences and Arts (New Haven), Geographical Magazine (London), Messenger of Mathematics, Astronomische Nachrichten (Kiel), &c. Though there are several publications we miss, both English and foreign, it will be seen that a good beginning is here made, andfthat there is a prospect in time of students being fairly informed of what is being done in science in this country and elsewhere in a compact publication issued at a reasonable rate.

    Repertorium der Naturwissenschaften.

    Monatliche Uebersicht der neuesten Arbeiten auf dem Gebiete der Naturwissenschaften. Herausgegeben von der Redaction des Naturforscher. (January to June 1875, Nos. 1 to 6, Berlin.)

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