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    Royal Microscopical Society, Oct. 7.-Charles Brooke, F.R.S., president, in the chair.-A paper, by Mr. Alfred Sanders, entitled “Supplementary Remarks on the Appendicularia,“was read to the meeting by the secretary, in which the author corrected several observations made in the course of a previous paper, and gave an exhaustive description of a species which he believed to be different from any hitherto described, although he refrained at present from naming it as new.-A paper by Mr. Kitton, of Norwich, was also read by the secretary, upon some new species of diatoms found in deposits sent from New Zealand by Mr. H. R. Webb and by Capt. Perry from Colon.-Mr. Slack made some observations on silica films prepared from a solution containing four parts glycerine to one part water, and pointed out the difficulty of obtaining clear definition of the forms presented when high-power objectives of large angle were employed, whereas those with small angular aperture gave good results.- Mr. Stewart drew the attention of the Fellows to a remarkable living organism exhibited in the room by Mr. J. Badcock, of the nature of which very considerable doubt was entertained, the prevailing opinion being that it was either an entozoon or the larval form of some unrecognised animal.

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