The New Reptile-House in the Jardin Des Plantes


    THE new house for Reptiles and Batrachians in the Jardin des Plantes at Paris was opened to the public last week. It contains four divisions: two larger central, and two smaller end compartments, all connected by folding doors. The front larger compartment is fitted up in the middle with large shallow tanks for the Crocodilia, of which there are five examples of Crocodilus vulgaris, C. frontatus, Alligator mississippiensis, and two species of Jacare. In front is a row of glass cages for Snakes—Boas, Pythons, and various Colubrines. The second larger compartment is devoted chiefly to Batrachians, and contains various Salamanders (Triton, &c.), and a large number of Axolotls (Siredon). In one tank are the two celebrated specimens of this most abnormal of creatures which have got rid of their external gills and converted themselves into the Salamandroid form, Amblystoma. In one of the end compartments are the venomous snakes; in the other, Lacertilia of various kinds.

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