O ver de continuiteit van den gas- en vloeistofiocstand Academisch proefschrift


THAT the same substance at the same temperature and pressure can exist in two very different states, as a liquid and as a gas, is a fact of the highest scientific importance, for it is only by the careful study of the difference between these two states, the conditions of the substance passing from one to the other, and the phenomena which occur at the surface which separates a liquid from its vapour, that we can expect to obtain a dynamical theory of liquids. A dynamical theory of “perfect” gases is already in existence; that is to say, we can explain many of the physical properties of bodies when in an extremely rarefied state by supposing their molecules to be in rapid motion, and that they act on one another only when they come very near one another. A molecule of a gas, according to this theory, exists in two very different states during alternate intervals of time. During its encounter with another molecule, an intense force is acting between the two molecules, and producing changes in the motion of both. During the time of describing its free path, the molecule is at such a distance from other molecules that no sensible force acts between them, and the centre of mass of the molecule is therefore moving with constant velocity and in a straight line.

O ver de contimiiteit van den gas- en vloeistofiocstand. Academisch proefschrift.

Door Johannes Diderik van der Waals. (Leiden: A. W. Sijthoff, 1873.)

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CLERK-MAXWELL, J. O ver de continuiteit van den gas- en vloeistofiocstand Academisch proefschrift . Nature 10, 477–480 (1874) doi:10.1038/010477a0

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