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    THE Journal of the Chemical Society for August contains, in addition to the usual abstracts from foreign journals, the following papers communicated to the Society:-On ipomoeic acid, by E. Neison and James Bayne. This acid, obtained by the action of nitric acid upon jalapin, has been shown by the authors to be identical with sebacic acid. This conclusion has been arrived at from a comparison of the solubility, melting-point, and composition of the acids. The potassium, barium (normal and acid), lead, and silver salts have been prepared and examined.—Note on New Zealand kauri gum, by M. M. Pattison Muir. The gum is an exudation from a coniferous tree (Dammara Australis) imported into this country for the purpose of making varnish. The action of different solvents and of various reagents has been tried, from which it appears that the substance is a mixture of resins with a true gum, and is therefore to be classed as a gum-resin.—On certain compounds of albumin with the acids, by George Stillingfleet Johnson. Compounds with nitric, hydrochloric, sulphuric, orthophosphoric, metaphosphoric, citric, oxalic, tartaric, and acetic acids have been obtained. The method of preparation consists in dialysing white of egg over dilute solutions of the acids. The action of Water heated above its boiling point upon these compounds has been studied, and special experiments undertaken to ascertain the nature of the action exerted by the dialyser in producing the compounds. The author concludes that the following points have been probably established by his experiments:—(1) The existence of definite compounds of albumin with the acids in simple molecular ratios (the probable formula of the nitric acid compound may be given byway of illustration-C72H112N18SO222HNO3). (2) The applicability of dialysis to the ready and accurate preparation of these compounds. (3) Probable correctness of the formula of Lieberkühn, Loew, and Liebig for albumin.—On a simple method of estimating urea in urine, by Dr. W. J. Russell and S. H. West. The authors make use of the well-known action of hypochlorites and hypobromites upon urea:—

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