Photographic Irradiation


I HOPE you will allow me space to correct a slight misunderstanding which has got into the present discussion on photographic irradiation. Mr. Crofts (NATURE, vol. x. p. 245) places my views in opposition to those of Lord Lindsay and Mr. Ranyard. Mr. Stillman (NATURE,vol. x. p. 381), who has given us such valuable information on the molecular condition of different preparations of collodion, also takes the same view. Now in reality Lord Lindsay's and Mr. Ranyard's views are not opposed to mine. I have simply attempted to prove that molecular reflection was a cause of photographic irradiation, not that it was the only cause, as I quite agree with Lord Lindsay and Mr. Ranyard, that the imperfections of the lens are also causes of photographic irradiation, and in NATURE, vol. x. p. 185, I pointed out one form of irradiation due to the lens. But the imperfection of the lens which is most fatal is that pointed out by Lord Lindsay and Mr. Ranyard, namely, the inability of the lens to bring all the rays to a focus, whether this results from the imperfections of the outside portion of the lens, or from imperfect achromatic* correction. No maker of lenses will tell you that any lens, far less that every lens which he puts out, is perfectly corrected for dispersion. Working with such an instrument, it is very clear that if we only allow an exposure sufficient to give an image on the part of the collodion where the great proportion of the rays are focused, then the photographic impression will give very nearly the true boundary line. But suppose we allow more light to pass through the lens, either by turning the camera to a brighter light or by giving a longer exposure, then it is clear that the unfocused rays which gave no impression when the exposure was short, will now impress themselves on the collodion, and thus the photographic impression will be extended beyond the true boundary line.

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AITKEN, J. Photographic Irradiation. Nature 10, 439 (1874) doi:10.1038/010439a0

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