Results of Five Years' Meteorological Observations for Hobart Town

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    WE are here presented with carefully constructed tables and valuable remarks on the climate and vital statistics of Tasmania. It includes the results of observations for the five years ending in 1870, with which are incorporated the statistics for the previous twenty-five years, so that it presents us with a complete set of statistics of meteorology for thirty years. That the observations have been carefully and correctly made is proved by the fact that the results of thirty years' observations agree very closely with those of the twenty-five years, the difference in many cases amounting to only a second or third place of decimals. The observations for the five years ending 1870, have been made gratuitously at the Toronto Observatory, by Mr. Francis Abbott, the tables having been constructed by Mr. T. Roblin, Curator of the Museum, and revised by Dr. E. Swarbeck Hall, who appends an elaborate and carefully drawn up health report for Tasmania. The introduction among other matters, contains a descriptive list of the various instruments used; the set seems to be complete, and all the apparatus trustworthy. The following are the mean resultants from the thirty years' observations for Hobart Town from 1841 to 1870 inclusive:—Barometer (at temperature 32°), 29.580. Thermometer, mean temperature, 54.72; mean diurnal range, 17.91; mean solar intensity, 93.39; mean terrestrial radiation, 43.01. Humidity of air—Dew point—mean position, 45.49; humidity of air, .75; elastic force of vapour, .316; condensation, rain in inches, 1.89; number of days on which rain fell, 11.66; Ozone, mean daily amount, 7.24; prevailing direction of wind, N.W., S.E.; prevailing force of wind, 58.37 lbs. per square foot.

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    Results of Five Years' Meteorological Observations for Hobart Town . Nature 7, 320 (1873) doi:10.1038/007320c0

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