The Italian Report Upon the Eclipse of 1870*

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THIS is a folio volume about an inch thick, in a yellow paper cover. It is a well-printed book, made of tolerably good foolscap, and as the title-page informs us, produced at the expense of the Italian Government, under the care of Prof. Sir G. Hunter, as we should call him, but in his native tongue, II Cavaliere Professore G. Cacciatore †; and the first remark that occurs to one on looking through it is that whether the Government paid handsomely, or whether it gave with a grudging stinginess, its cash was at all events well laid out, alike without extravagance and without meanness, and that the result reflects honour upon Italy.

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BRETT, J. The Italian Report Upon the Eclipse of 1870*. Nature 7, 308–310 (1873) doi:10.1038/007308a0

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