Parting Banquet to Prof. Tyndall

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    ON the evening of February 4 Prof. Tyndall's visit to the United States was crowned by a banquet at Dilmonico's, New York, at which there were present about 200 of the most distinguished citizens of the country, presided over by the Hon. William M. Evarts. Among the company present were the following:—The Rev. Dr. Bellows, Parke Godwin, Dr. Draper, A. M. Mayer, Rev. Henry Ward Beecher, President F. A. P. Barnard, Rev. Or. Hitchcock, Rev. Dr. H. C. Potter, Dr. A. Flint, Dr. Hammond, Rev. Dr. Osgood, A. Appleton, G. S. Appleton, Judge Brady, Dr. H. Draper, V. Botta, J. C. Draper, Judge Daly, the Hon. E. D. Morgan, B. Silliman, Prof. G. F. Barker, of Yale College, Gen. Franklin, D. Van Nostrand, H. S. Kendrick, Prof. Chandler, Prof. S. F. Baird, of the Smithsonian Institute, Prof Michie, Prof. Pompelly, E. L. Godkin, Fred. Law Olmsted, Prof. W. H. Chandler, of Columbia College, Sterry Hunt, C. W. Field, Gen. Myers, E. L, Youmans, A. S. Hewitt, Wilson G. Hunt, Dr. Sims, Col. Dwight, J. B. Scribner, W. H. Appleton.

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