Die Kalkschwämme Eine Monographic

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  • An Erratum to this article was published on 20 February 1873


THIS splendid contribution to the knowledge of the sub-class of Calcareous Sponges is worthy of the high reputation of Prof. Häckel. In the preface he speaks of it as one of the many results of the stimulus given to zoology by the Darwinian Theory; and the list of those who have contributed the materials on which this monograph is based is honourable alike to the author and to the friendly helpers from our own and every other civilised country. It includes the names of Agassiz from the United States, Allman from Edinburgh, Percival Wright from Dublin, Barboza du Bocage from Lisbon, Lacaze Duthiers from Paris, the lamented Claparède from Geneva, Eschmark and Sars from Christiania, Steenstrup from Copenhagen, and Lieberkühn, Peters, Oscar Schmidt, Semper, von Siebold and many others from Germany. In addition to this, the author has himself collected sponges in Heligoland, Nice, Naples, Messina, the Canaries and Mogador, Algesiras, Bergen, and the neighbouring Norwegian coast, and lastly in the Adriatic Sea.

Die Kalkschwämme. Eine Monographic.

Von Ernst Häckel. 2 vols., with an additional vol. of 60 lithographic plates. (Berlin, 1872.)

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