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    THE Archives des Sciences Physiques et Naturelles contains a long and admirable article by Prof. Plantamour, on the meteorology of Geneva and the Great St. Bernard for 1871, a year of very exceptional weather at these places. In a series of carefully compiled tables, the various meteorological phenomena observed are compared in every possible way. and deserve the study of meteorologists. The second paper is an exceedingly interesting one from the work published by M. de Candolle, “Histoire des Sciences et des savants depuis deux Siècles,” &c., containing the result of much acute and original research, on Transformations of Movement among Organised Beings. The other two principal papers are one by M. Ernest Favre, on the Geology of the Ralligstöcke on the banks of Lake Thun, and one by MM. de la Rive and Sarasin on the rotation under magnetic influence of the electric discharge in rarefied gases, and on the mechanical action which this discharge may exercise in its movement of rotation.

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