A Private Circumnavigating Expedition

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    IN Les Mondes, for some time past, details have been given of a proposed expedition, partly scientific and partly for pleasure, on a somewhat gigantic scale. The proposed scheme seems to be the idea of a single gentleman, M. le Capitaine Bazerque, who has been twice round the world; though it has the hearty commendation of the Abbé Moigno, editor of Les Mondes, and of Le Comte Pennazzi, as well as others. The scheme is called “La Caravane Uni-verselle,” and has for its main object a grand voyage for scientific exploration over the five parts of the globe. The excursion-party may be joined by men of science, and also, we understand, by artists and others belonging to all nationalities, who wish to see the world for themselves under intelligent guidance. A subscription has been opened in the various European countries and in America, to provide Captain Bazerque with a steam-vessel suitable for the expedition. The modus operandi, we understand, will be that the vessel shall visit in succession all the most interesting parts of the world, staying long enough at each place to enable all its features to be investigated by the savants and artists composing the expedition. “The material organisation of the expedition,” says Count Pennazzi in commending it, “will allow those who form part of it to investigate thoroughly the rich treasures of Nature. The eastern slope of the Cordilleras, the sources and upper course of the Amazon, the Rocky Mountains, the country of the Mormons, the eastern coast of Africa, Australia, Japan, China, Indies, are among the regions whose flora, fauna, geology, and ethnography will furnish to the caravan much that is unknown to discover, and many interesting problems to solve.” Verily the Count is right in calling the scheme “sympathetique et seduisant.”

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