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American Preparations for The Forthcoming Transit of Venus

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    A MID the violent political agitation and the inevitable social commotion of the United States, one would imagine, judging from our own case, that neither the American Government nor the American people had any time or funds to devote to scientific objects of apparently remote utilitarian interest. That this is not the case every regular reader of this periodical must be aware, for seldom does a week pass but we have occasion to notice some scientific expedition fitted out by Government funds, or the meeting of some well-organised and efficient scientific association, or the report of work done at one of the l numerous scientific schools with which the country? abounds, or the results of an expensive scientific inquiry or scientific experiment; in short, the Americans seem i to think it their interest and duty, as it is their inclination, I to give substantial encouragement to scientific research and the spread of scientific culture and knowledge. Verily they know how to do these things better in America than in England; but, indeed, of what foreign country can this not be said? This cannot be better seen than in the action taken by the U.S. Government in reference to the forthcoming Transit of Venus.

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