Ants and Aphides


AMONG other misstatements in Dr. Bree's “Fallacies of Darwinism,” so ably criticised by Mr. Wallace in NATURE of July 25, occurs the following:—“All the stories about aphides being treated as milch-cows are myths, the result of inaccurate observation” (p. 166). I can personally refute this statement, having on many occasions watched the process. Speaking of the attraction of male emperor moths by a captive female, Dr. Bree observes:—“All this was clearly, and without doubt, done by the sense of smell” (p. 209). I, in common with most other entomologists, should much value the evidence on which this very positive assertion rests; for the explanation of the attractive power of female insects has hitherto remained a mystery.


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MELDOLA, R. Ants and Aphides. Nature 6, 279 (1872).

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