Ice Fleas


IN NATURE of 28th September, Prof. Frankland, in introducing the ice flea to the readers of NATURE, uses the expression “if known at all,” and concludes by asking information about it. The glacier flea, Desoria glacialis, was noticed and described by Prof. Agassiz as far back as 1845, in his Ascent of the Wetter-horn on the 29th of July of that year. Not having Agassiz's work at present beside me, I cannot refer to it, but these fleas are noticed in an extract translated from an account of the ascent, and published in Hogg's Weekly Instructor for Dec. 1845, vol. ii. p. 221. On the Aar Glacier they are described as being scattered over the “surface of the snow in millions,” elsewhere, “as being collected in masses under the stones on the ice.”


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C., R. Ice Fleas. Nature 4, 446 (1871).

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