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Compendium der Physiologie des Menschen


VERY truly called a compendium, an account of as many as possible of the facts of human physiology being compressed into about three or four hundred pages. To a reader ignorant of physiology, the book would probably be wholly unintelligible; to a German student about to undergo an examination in physiology, it would doubtless be very acceptable, for by it he might refresh his memory on every point about which he is likely to be questioned. Perhaps after all, however, it is well for the English student that we have nothing like it in the English language. The author, in the second edition, has done his best to bring the work up to the level of the most recent knowledge. Unfortunately, however, science will not stop while an author is correcting proofs; and this, like all works professing to give the latest results, records not the ultimate but the penultimate researches. This is not, however, of very great importance; for, as in so many German physiological investigations the ultimate result is the exact opposite of the penultimate, it is very easy to calculate out the former from the latter, and add it on.

Compendium der Physiologie des Menschen.

Von Prof. Julius Budge Zweite Auflage. (Leipzig: Günther. London: Williams and Norgate.)

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