Antiquités préhistoriques du Danemarck


This work contains forty-five carefully executed plates of Danish Antiquities belonging to the Stone age. The first represents the Shellmound of Fannerup; a difficult subject, very faithfully rendered, as the present writer can testify. The three following plates give the common and characteristic objects of the Shellmounds. Then follow ten plates devoted to tumuli and dolmens. These are admirably executed, those of the great chambered tumulus at U by being particularly successful. Plates xv. to xx. give certain remarkable “finds.” These are very interesting, 50 objects discovered together being more instructive than 500 found separately. On the remaining plates are represented the most characteristic Danish forms, as well as many unique specimens. The work is devoted to the Stone age (the Bronze age portion, though commenced, not being yet completed), but it must not be supposed that all the specimens of stone implements here figured necessarily belong to the Stone age, although the great majority no doubt do so. It cannot, however, be too often repeated that many stone implements were in use during the Bronze age.

Antiquités préhistoriques du Danemarck.

By M. Madsen. Folio, pp. 19, with 45 engraved plates, some coloured. Price 36s. (London: Williams and Norgate.)

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