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State Key Laboratory of Drug Research (SKLDR) was approved by Chinese Academy of Sciences under the unremitting efforts of reorganizing the state key laboratory system. 

The laboratory mainly aims to discover and develop drugs to meet urgent clinical demand for diagnosis and treatment of digestive system tumors, glucose and lipid metabolism disorders, refractory nervous system diseases, emerging viral infectious diseases, and other major diseases that seriously endanger people's life and health or public safety. 

With the goal of "developing original new drug candidates", SKLDR will focus on addressing the frontier scientific questions of drug target discovery and validation, and developing key technologies of artificial intelligence-based drug design. Moreover, SKLDR will develop original and innovative technologies and methods, improve efficiency of drug target discovery and validation, and promote the development of original new drug candidates.

 The research directions of the SKLDR include: original technology and method research; original target discovery and validation; and original new drug candidate research and development.


Deputy Director of SKLDR

Job Description

Focusing on the overall goals of the laboratory, the candidate is expected to cultivate and produce influential original achievements in the main research directions of the laboratory especially in the direction of the original drug candidate research and development. The candidate will help SKLDR to continuously improve the academic influence and the ability to transform new drug achievements into real productivity.

Major Requirements

The candidate should have track record in anyone of the following research fields: AI drug R&D technology, drug target identification, R&D of innovative anti-tumor drugs, innovative drugs R&D for metabolic diseases, neuropsychiatric diseases, and viral infectious disease.

Job Requirements

1. High academic level and extensive academic influence in the main research directions of the laboratory, with vision in strategic and international development;

2. Extensive international academic influence in the field of the drug R&D discipline or mastering key core technologies with capability of solving key technical problems; Reaching level of excellent academic and technical in senior positions in the current employed institution; Having leadership experience or ability in scientific and technological development and team organizing ability;

3. Experience as a full Professor or equivalent in a well-known scientific research institution, university or large enterprise research and development institution; Associate professor or equivalent qualification for those who are particularly outstanding or in urgent need are encouraged to apply;

4. Capable of joining SKLDR to work full-time within 1 year of acceptance of job offer.


Globally competitive salary and scientific research funding support.



Application and contact information

1. Please send detailed CV to and copy to
(The resume should include basic information, position you are applying for, achievements you have made, future work plans, etc.)

2. Contact Information:
Address: No. 555, Zuchongzhi Road, Pudong New District, Shanghai
Contact department: Organization and Human Resource Department, Shanghai Institute of Materia Medica, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Telephone: 86) 021-68077930(Ms. Wu, Ms. Li)

Welcome candidates to visit the State Key Laboratory of Drug Research.