People push vehicles stuck in the flood water at Panadala in district Pathanamthitta, India

How India is battling deadly rain storms as climate change bites

South Asian weather is becoming increasingly difficult to forecast as monsoons grow more erratic — and global warming is raising the risks posed by violent rain storms.


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  • A recently discovered high-mass X-ray binary has an evolutionary history showing the neutron star component formed during an ultra-stripped supernova, and has orbital elements that should allow for forming a binary neutron star in the future.

    • Noel D. Richardson
    • Clarissa M. Pavao
    • Jeremy Hare
  • Philological analysis of labels and instructions, together with gas chromatography–mass spectrometry analysis of residues on vessels recovered from a 26th Dynasty embalming workshop at Saqqara, Egypt provide insights into ancient Egyptian embalming practices.

    • Maxime Rageot
    • Ramadan B. Hussein
    • Philipp W. Stockhammer
    Article Open Access
  • A type of universal scattering resonance between ultracold microwave-dressed polar molecules associated with field-linked tetramer bound states in the long-range potential well is observed, providing a general strategy for resonant scattering between ultracold polar molecules.

    • Xing-Yan Chen
    • Andreas Schindewolf
    • Xin-Yu Luo
    Article Open Access


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