A skull with tusks lies in the middle of a clearing with snow-topped mountains in the background

Oldest-ever DNA shows mastodons roamed Greenland 2 million years ago

Genetic material collected from permafrost shows northern part of the island was once a lush forest, home to poplar trees and other surprising organisms.


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  • The observation of transient-like gigaelectronvolt emission in the high-energy gamma-rays of GRB 211211A, from the merger of two compact binary objects, is reported.

    • Alessio Mei
    • Biswajit Banerjee
    • Pawan Tiwari
  • A possible kilonova associated with a nearby, long-duration gamma-ray burst suggests that gamma-ray bursts with long and complex light curves can be spawned from the merger of two compact objects, contrary to the established gamma-ray burst paradigm.

    • Jillian C. Rastinejad
    • Benjamin P. Gompertz
    • Christina C. Thöne
  • An experimental investigation of the dynamics of the spin ½ Floquet XXZ model finds bound states as predicted, and also robustness to noise and non-integrability when theoretical descriptions start to fail.

    • A. Morvan
    • T. I. Andersen
    • P. Roushan
    Article Open Access
Ultra-gentle robot and jellyfish.

Artificial intelligence and robotics

The field of artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics research is new and consequently it’s expanding at a rapid rate.
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