An aerial view of the trees of the Amazon

Saving the Amazon: how science is helping Indigenous people protect their homelands

Drug runners, gold miners and loggers are rapidly invading the remote Peruvian Amazon, home to isolated people and a wealth of biodiversity.


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  • A multi-omic atlas of brain organoid development facilitates the inference of an underlying gene regulatory network using the newly developed Pando framework and shows—in conjunction with perturbation experiments—that GLI3 controls forebrain fate establishment through interaction with HES4/5 regulomes.

    • Jonas Simon Fleck
    • Sophie Martina Johanna Jansen
    • Barbara Treutlein
    Article Open Access
  • Different pairs of antibiotics show qualitatively different bacterial clearance interactions—some pairs show reciprocal suppression whereby the drug mixture efficacy is weaker than the individual drugs alone, and the clearance efficacy decreases as more drugs are added.

    • Viktória Lázár
    • Olga Snitser
    • Roy Kishony
siringe being pulled out of small glass bottle

Research hospitals

At some institutions around the world, researchers work hand-in-hand with medical professionals to the benefit of both.


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