Volume 7, April 2017

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April 25 2017

Original Article

15q11.2 CNV affects cognitive, structural and functional correlates of dyslexia and dyscalculia

M O Ulfarsson, G B Walters, O Gustafsson, S Steinberg, A Silva, O M Doyle, M Brammer, D F Gudbjartsson, S Arnarsdottir, G A Jonsdottir, R S Gisladottir, G Bjornsdottir, H Helgason, L M Ellingsen, J G Halldorsson, E Saemundsen, B Stefansdottir, L Jonsson, V K Eiriksdottir, G R Eiriksdottir, G H Johannesdottir, U Unnsteinsdottir, B Jonsdottir, B B Magnusdottir, P Sulem, U Thorsteinsdottir, E Sigurdsson, D Brandeis, A Meyer-Lindenberg, H Stefansson and K Stefansson

Transl Psychiatry 7: e1109; doi:10.1038/tp.2017.77

Original Article

Biobehavioral effects of baclofen in anxious alcohol-dependent individuals: a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled, laboratory study

M Farokhnia, M L Schwandt, M R Lee, J W Bollinger, L A Farinelli, J P Amodio, L Sewell, T A Lionetti, D E Spero and L Leggio

Transl Psychiatry 7: e1108; doi:10.1038/tp.2017.71

Original Article

Effects of dopamine D2/D3 receptor antagonism on human planning and spatial working memory

M Naef, U Müller, A Linssen, L Clark, T W Robbins and C Eisenegger

Transl Psychiatry 7: e1107; doi:10.1038/tp.2017.56

Original Article

Evaluation of circadian phenotypes utilizing fibroblasts from patients with circadian rhythm sleep disorders

A Hida, Y Ohsawa, S Kitamura, K Nakazaki, N Ayabe, Y Motomura, K Matsui, M Kobayashi, A Usui, Y Inoue, H Kusanagi, Y Kamei and K Mishima

Transl Psychiatry 7: e1106; doi:10.1038/tp.2017.75

Original Article

Instability of default mode network connectivity in major depression: a two-sample confirmation study

T Wise, L Marwood, A M Perkins, A Herane-Vives, R Joules, D J Lythgoe, W-M Luh, S C R Williams, A H Young, A J Cleare and D Arnone

Transl Psychiatry 7: e1105; doi:10.1038/tp.2017.40

Original Article

Naltrexone modulates dopamine release following chronic, but not acute amphetamine administration: a translational study

N Jayaram-Lindström, J Guterstam, J Häggkvist, M Ericson, T Malmlöf, B Schilström, C Halldin, S Cervenka, T Saijo, A-L Nordström and J Franck

Transl Psychiatry 7: e1104; doi:10.1038/tp.2017.79

Original Article

Influences of prenatal and postnatal maternal depression on amygdala volume and microstructure in young children

D J Wen, J S Poh, S N Ni, Y-S Chong, H Chen, K Kwek, L P Shek, P D Gluckman, M V Fortier, M J Meaney and A Qiu

Transl Psychiatry 7: e1103; doi:10.1038/tp.2017.74

Original Article

A missense polymorphism in the putative pheromone receptor gene VN1R1 is associated with sociosexual behavior

S Henningsson, D Hovey, K Vass, H Walum, K Sandnabba, P Santtila, P Jern and L Westberg

Transl Psychiatry 7: e1102; doi:10.1038/tp.2017.70

Original Article

Depletion of adult neurogenesis using the chemotherapy drug temozolomide in mice induces behavioural and biological changes relevant to depression

M Egeland, C Guinaudie, A Du Preez, K Musaelyan, P A Zunszain, C Fernandes, C M Pariante and S Thuret

Transl Psychiatry 7: e1101; doi:10.1038/tp.2017.68


April 18 2017

Original Article

Short telomere length is associated with impaired cognitive performance in European ancestry cohorts

S Hägg, Y Zhan, R Karlsson, L Gerritsen, A Ploner, S J van der Lee, L Broer, J Deelen, R E Marioni, A Wong, A Lundquist, G Zhu, N K Hansell, E Sillanpää, I O Fedko, N A Amin, M Beekman, A J M de Craen, S Degerman, S E Harris, K-J Kan, C M Martin-Ruiz, G W Montgomery, NeuroCHARGE Cognitive Working Group, A N Adolfsson, C A Reynolds, N J Samani, H E D Suchiman, A Viljanen, T von Zglinicki, M J Wright, J-J Hottenga, D I Boomsma, T Rantanen, J A Kaprio, D R Nyholt, N G Martin, L Nyberg, R Adolfsson, D Kuh, J M Starr, I J Deary, P E Slagboom, C M van Duijn, V Codd and N L Pedersen for the ENGAGE Consortium

Transl Psychiatry 7: e1100; doi:10.1038/tp.2017.73

Original Article

Intranasal oxytocin enhances intrinsic corticostriatal functional connectivity in women

R A I Bethlehem, M V Lombardo, M-C Lai, B Auyeung, S K Crockford, J Deakin, S Soubramanian, A Sule, P Kundu, V Voon and S Baron-Cohen

Transl Psychiatry 7: e1099; doi:10.1038/tp.2017.72

Original Article

Weak associations between pubertal development and psychiatric and behavioral problems

E Smith-Woolley, K Rimfeld and R Plomin

Transl Psychiatry 7: e1098; doi:10.1038/tp.2017.63

Original Article

Restoring effects of oxytocin on the attentional preference for faces in autism

M Kanat, I Spenthof, A Riedel, L T van Elst, M Heinrichs and G Domes

Transl Psychiatry 7: e1097; doi:10.1038/tp.2017.67

Original Article

A pathway linking reward circuitry, impulsive sensation-seeking and risky decision-making in young adults: identifying neural markers for new interventions

H W Chase, J C Fournier, M A Bertocci, T Greenberg, H Aslam, R Stiffler, J Lockovich, S Graur, G Bebko, E E Forbes and M L Phillips

Transl Psychiatry 7: e1096; doi:10.1038/tp.2017.60

Original Article

Adenosine A2A receptor and ERK-driven impulsivity potentiates hippocampal neuroblast proliferation

A Oliveros, C H Cho, A Cui, S Choi, D Lindberg, D Hinton, M-H Jang and D-S Choi

Transl Psychiatry 7: e1095; doi:10.1038/tp.2017.64

Original Article

Assessing the presence of shared genetic architecture between Alzheimer’s disease and major depressive disorder using genome-wide association data

J Gibson, T C Russ, M J Adams, T-K Clarke, D M Howard, L S Hall, A M Fernandez-Pujals, E M Wigmore, C Hayward, G Davies, A D Murray, B H Smith, D J Porteous, I J Deary and A M McIntosh

Transl Psychiatry 7: e1094; doi:10.1038/tp.2017.49

Original Article

Transcriptome sequencing study implicates immune-related genes differentially expressed in schizophrenia: new data and a meta-analysis

A R Sanders, E I Drigalenko, J Duan, W Moy, J Freda, H H H Göring and P V Gejman on behalf of MGS

Transl Psychiatry 7: e1093; doi:10.1038/tp.2017.47


April 11 2017


Animal models to improve our understanding and treatment of suicidal behavior

T D Gould, P Georgiou, L A Brenner, L Brundin, A Can, P Courtet, Z R Donaldson, Y Dwivedi, S Guillaume, I I Gottesman, S Kanekar, C A Lowry, P F Renshaw, D Rujescu, E G Smith, G Turecki, P Zanos, C A Zarate Jr, P A Zunszain and T T Postolache

Transl Psychiatry 7: e1092; doi:10.1038/tp.2017.50

Original Article

The impact of common dopamine D2 receptor gene polymorphisms on D2/3 receptor availability: C957T as a key determinant in putamen and ventral striatum

C T Smith, L C Dang, J W Buckholtz, A M Tetreault, R L Cowan, R M Kessler and D H Zald

Transl Psychiatry 7: e1091; doi:10.1038/tp.2017.45

Original Article

Sex differences in frontal lobe connectivity in adults with autism spectrum conditions

E A Zeestraten, M C Gudbrandsen, E Daly, M T de Schotten, M Catani, F Dell'Acqua, M-C Lai, A N V Ruigrok, M V Lombardo, B Chakrabarti, S Baron-Cohen, C Ecker, MRC AIMS Consortium, D G M Murphy and M C Craig

Transl Psychiatry 7: e1090; doi:10.1038/tp.2017.9

Original Article

Large-scale interaction effects reveal missing heritability in schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and posttraumatic stress disorder

H J Woo, C Yu, K Kumar and J Reifman

Transl Psychiatry 7: e1089; doi:10.1038/tp.2017.61

Original Article

The histamine H3 receptor antagonist thioperamide rescues circadian rhythm and memory function in experimental parkinsonism

D Masini, C Lopes-Aguiar, A Bonito-Oliva, D Papadia, R Andersson, A Fisahn and G Fisone

Transl Psychiatry 7: e1088; doi:10.1038/tp.2017.58

Original Article

Two subgroups of antipsychotic-naive, first-episode schizophrenia patients identified with a Gaussian mixture model on cognition and electrophysiology

N Bak, B H Ebdrup, B Oranje, B Fagerlund, M H Jensen, S W Düring, M Ø Nielsen, B Y Glenthøj and L K Hansen

Transl Psychiatry 7: e1087; doi:10.1038/tp.2017.59

Original Article

The CACNA1C risk allele rs1006737 is associated with age-related prefrontal cortical thinning in bipolar I disorder

M G Soeiro-de-Souza, B Lafer, R A Moreno, F G Nery, T Chile, K Chaim, C da Costa Leite, R Machado-Vieira, M C G Otaduy and H Vallada

Transl Psychiatry 7: e1086; doi:10.1038/tp.2017.57


April 04 2017

Original Article

Deficit of state-dependent risk attitude modulation in gambling disorder

A Fujimoto, K Tsurumi, R Kawada, T Murao, H Takeuchi, T Murai and H Takahashi

Transl Psychiatry 7: e1085; doi:10.1038/tp.2017.55

Original Article

Acute effects of LSD on amygdala activity during processing of fearful stimuli in healthy subjects

F Mueller, C Lenz, P C Dolder, S Harder, Y Schmid, U E Lang, M E Liechti and S Borgwardt

Transl Psychiatry 7: e1084; doi:10.1038/tp.2017.54

Original Article

Corticolimbic hyper-response to emotion and glutamatergic function in people with high schizotypy: a multimodal fMRI-MRS study

G Modinos, A McLaughlin, A Egerton, K McMullen, V Kumari, G J Barker, C Keysers and S C R Williams

Transl Psychiatry 7: e1083; doi:10.1038/tp.2017.53

Original Article

An interaction network of mental disorder proteins in neural stem cells

M J Moen, H H H Adams, J H Brandsma, D H W Dekkers, U Akinci, S Karkampouna, M Quevedo, C E M Kockx, Z Ozgür, W F J van IJcken, J Demmers and R A Poot

Transl Psychiatry 7: e1082; doi:10.1038/tp.2017.52


Stress and adolescent hippocampal neurogenesis: diet and exercise as cognitive modulators

C M Hueston, J F Cryan and Y M Nolan

Transl Psychiatry 7: e1081; doi:10.1038/tp.2017.48

Original Article

Immune network analysis of cerebrospinal fluid in myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome with atypical and classical presentations

M Hornig, C G Gottschalk, M L Eddy, X Che, J E Ukaigwe, D L Peterson and W I Lipkin

Transl Psychiatry 7: e1080; doi:10.1038/tp.2017.44

Original Article

The serum protein levels of the tPA–BDNF pathway are implicated in depression and antidepressant treatment

H Jiang, S Chen, C Li, N Lu, Y Yue, Y Yin, Y Zhang, X Zhi, D Zhang and Y Yuan

Transl Psychiatry 7: e1079; doi:10.1038/tp.2017.43

Original Article

Delineation of molecular pathway activities of the chronic antidepressant treatment response suggests important roles for glutamatergic and ubiquitin–proteasome systems

D I Park, C Dournes, I Sillaber, M Ising, J M Asara, C Webhofer, M D Filiou, M B Müller and C W Turck

Transl Psychiatry 7: e1078; doi:10.1038/tp.2017.39

Original Article

maLPA1-null mice as an endophenotype of anxious depression

R D Moreno-Fernández, M Pérez-Martín, E Castilla-Ortega, C Rosell del Valle, M I García-Fernández, J Chun, G Estivill-Torrús, F Rodríguez de Fonseca, L J Santín and C Pedraza

Transl Psychiatry 7: e1077; doi:10.1038/tp.2017.24

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