Water resources


Water resources are sources of – usually fresh – water that are useful, or potentially useful, to society; for instance for agricultural, industrial or recreational use. Examples include groundwater, rivers, lakes and reservoirs.

Latest Research and Reviews

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    Bias correction methods aim to remove introduced bias for climate model simulations; however, improper use can result in spurious climate signals. This Perspective considers the issues of bias correction and makes recommendations for research to overcome model biases.

    • Douglas Maraun
    • , Theodore G. Shepherd
    • , Martin Widmann
    • , Giuseppe Zappa
    • , Daniel Walton
    • , José M. Gutiérrez
    • , Stefan Hagemann
    • , Ingo Richter
    • , Pedro M. M. Soares
    • , Alex Hall
    •  & Linda O. Mearns
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    Water-cooled power plants will be affected by changes in water availability and temperature. A system approach examines US thermoelectric power generation and finds whilst individual plants may face constraints, overall the current system can adapt.

    • Ariel Miara
    • , Jordan E. Macknick
    • , Charles J. Vörösmarty
    • , Vincent C. Tidwell
    • , Robin Newmark
    •  & Balazs Fekete
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    Many of the world's saline lakes have been shrinking due to consumptive water use. The Great Salt Lake, USA, provides an example for how the health of and ecosystem services provided by saline lakes can be sustained.

    • Wayne A. Wurtsbaugh
    • , Craig Miller
    • , Sarah E. Null
    • , R. Justin DeRose
    • , Peter Wilcock
    • , Maura Hahnenberger
    • , Frank Howe
    •  & Johnnie Moore
    Nature Geoscience 10, 816–821
  • Research | | open

    Cool roofs have been shown to mitigate heat in urban areas, but their impact on water conservation has not been examined. Here the authors conduct simulations with an urban canopy model to show that implementation of cool roofs in California can also reduce outdoor water consumption by up to 9%.

    • Pouya Vahmani
    •  & Andrew D. Jones
  • Research | | open

    Significant amounts of different perchlorate salts have been discovered on the surface of Mars. Here, the authors show that magnesium perchlorate has a major impact on water structure in solution, providing insight into how an aqueous fluid might exist under the sub-freezing conditions present on Mars.

    • Samuel Lenton
    • , Natasha H. Rhys
    • , James J. Towey
    • , Alan K. Soper
    •  & Lorna Dougan

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