Water microbiology


Water microbiology is the scientific discipline that is concerned with the study of all biological aspects of the microorganisms (bacteria, archaea, viruses, fungi, parasites and protozoa) that exist in water. This is also known as marine microbiology, which is a subdiscipline of environmental microbiology.

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    Marine microorganisms inhabit diverse environments and interact over different spatial and temporal scales. To fully understand how these interactions shape genome structures, cellular responses, lifestyles, community ecology and biogeochemical cycles, integration of diverse approaches and data is essential.

    • Corina P. D. Brussaard
    • , Kay D. Bidle
    • , Carlos Pedrós-Alió
    •  & Catherine Legrand
  • News and Views |

    Metagenomic analysis of Antarctic sea-ice and brine reveals the presence of hgcAB-like genes in the microaerophilic marine bacterium Nitrospina. These are similar to ones responsible for mercury methylation in anaerobic microorganisms and provide a plausible mechanism for mercury methylation in oxic marine environments.

    • Elsie M. Sunderland
    •  & Amina T. Schartup
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    The global effect of human activities on Earth's microbiota has not yet been considered. Here, we identify potential trajectories of microbial change, and highlight knowledge gaps that need to be addressed to better understand how microbial communities across the globe will change in the future.

    • Stephen B. Pointing
    • , Noah Fierer
    • , Gavin J. D. Smith
    • , Peter D. Steinberg
    •  & Martin Wiedmann
  • Comments and Opinion |

    The apparent emergence of new and devastating Vibrio diseases in Latin America during significant El Niño events is striking. New microbiological, genomic and bioinformatic tools are providing us with evidence that El Niño may represent a long-distance corridor for waterborne diseases into the Americas from Asia.

    • Jaime Martinez-Urtaza
    • , Joaquin Trinanes
    • , Narjol Gonzalez-Escalona
    •  & Craig Baker-Austin