Vesicle trafficking


Vesicle trafficking is the biological process by which vesicles, including synaptic vesicles, transport materials between different cellular compartments and between a cell and its environment. In the process of synaptic transmission, vesicle trafficking refers to the formation, intracellular movement and exocyotosis and endocytosis of synaptic vesicles.

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  • Research | | open

    The interaction between RIM and the C2A domain of Munc13 is known to be required for synaptic vesicle priming. Here the authors show new implications of the C2A domain of Munc13, through its dynamic interaction with RIM, in orchestrating a wide range of modulatory operations that shape vesicle docking, priming and neurotransmitter release.

    • Marcial Camacho
    • , Jayeeta Basu
    • , Thorsten Trimbuch
    • , Shuwen Chang
    • , Cristina Pulido-Lozano
    • , Shwu-Shin Chang
    • , Irina Duluvova
    • , Masin Abo-Rady
    • , Josep Rizo
    •  & Christian Rosenmund
  • Reviews |

    Axons and dendrites contain distinct complements of membrane proteins, consistent with their different roles in electrochemical signalling. In this Review, Bentley and Banker discuss the intracellular machinery that ensures that axonal and dendritic proteins are accurately targeted to the correct domains.

    • Marvin Bentley
    •  & Gary Banker
  • Research | | open

    Transport of cargo into dendritic spines is required for synaptic plasticity. McVicker et al. describe a method of activity-dependent transport of a kinesin KIF1A and its cargo synaptotagmin-IV along microtubules that are transiently polymerized into dendritic spines.

    • Derrick P. McVicker
    • , Adam M. Awe
    • , Karl E. Richters
    • , Rebecca L. Wilson
    • , Diana A. Cowdrey
    • , Xindao Hu
    • , Edwin R. Chapman
    •  & Erik W. Dent
  • Research | | open

    α-synuclein, a protein associated to Parkinson's disease, is involved in synaptic vesicle interaction and assembly. Here, the authors use NMR spectroscopy and super-resolution microscopy to unveil the nature and molecular mechanism of α-synuclein-mediated synaptic vesicle clustering.

    • Giuliana Fusco
    • , Tillmann Pape
    • , Amberley D. Stephens
    • , Pierre Mahou
    • , Ana Rita Costa
    • , Clemens F. Kaminski
    • , Gabriele S. Kaminski Schierle
    • , Michele Vendruscolo
    • , Gianluigi Veglia
    • , Christopher M. Dobson
    •  & Alfonso De Simone

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