The urethra is the tube that carries urine from the bladder out of the body during urination. In men, the urethra also transports semen during ejaculation.

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    Urinary incontinence symptoms in women are prevalent and substantially affect health-related quality of life. These issues are compounded by the limited attention that urinary incontinence receives at the policy or research-funding levels. Despite these challenges, the field has witnessed considerable innovations in practice over the past decade, which are summarized in this Primer.

    • Yoshitaka Aoki
    • , Heidi W. Brown
    • , Linda Brubaker
    • , Jean Nicolas Cornu
    • , J. Oliver Daly
    •  & Rufus Cartwright
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    Gender transition can substantially improve quality-of-life in individuals with gender dysphoria, and various surgical options are available for female-to-male (FtM) transition, including facial and chest masculinization, body contouring, and genital surgery. In this Review, the authors describe the management of these patients, with a particular emphasis on the surgical techniques used, and consider developments that might improve outcomes for FtM patients in the future.

    • Shane D. Morrison
    • , Mang L. Chen
    •  & Curtis N. Crane
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    Although rare, ejaculatory duct obstruction (EDO) is a surgically correctable cause of male sexual dysfunction and male infertility due to obstructive azoospermia, and should be considered within the list of differential diagnoses for men undergoing infertility investigations. In this article, the authors discuss the anatomy, embryology and pathophysiology of EDO, and consider the current optimal diagnostic and treatment options.

    • Vaibhav Modgil
    • , Sonpreet Rai
    • , David J. Ralph
    •  & Asif Muneer
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    Female urethral diverticula are rare, benign, epithelium-lined outpouchings of the urethra. Patients can present with a multitude of symptoms that are often confused with other diagnoses, leading to delayed diagnosis or misdiagnosis. In this Review, Greenwell and Spilotros describe the diagnosis and treatment of urethral diverticula in women and discuss possible adverse events and complications related to treatment.

    • Tamsin J. Greenwell
    •  & Marco Spilotros

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