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    Thermoelectric converters built with high thermoelectric activity p-type and n-type materials have the potential to replace mechanical heat-to-electricity converters. Now, efficient n-type SnSe has been prepared, ready to complement its previously reported p-type counterpart.

    • Anke Weidenkaff
    Nature Energy 2, 17010
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    Concentrated thermoelectric generators convert solar energy to electricity, but historically their conversion efficiency has lagged behind their potential. Now, full system efficiencies of 7.4% are achieved by segmentation of two thermoelectric materials and a spectrally selective surface.

    • Eric Toberer
    Nature Energy 1, 16172
  • Correspondence |

    • Li-Dong Zhao
    • , Shih-Han Lo
    • , Yongsheng Zhang
    • , Hui Sun
    • , Gangjian Tan
    • , Ctirad Uher
    • , C. Wolverton
    • , Vinayak P. Dravid
    •  & Mercouri G. Kanatzidis
    Nature 539, E2–E3
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    Waste heat can be converted to electricity by thermoelectric generators, but their development is hindered by the lack of cheap materials with good thermoelectric properties. Now, carbon-nanotube-based materials are shown to have improved properties when purified to contain only semiconducting species and then doped.

    • Xavier Crispin
    Nature Energy 1, 16037