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    Insufficient purification and incomplete characterization pose a serious problem for attributing photoluminescence properties to carbogenic nanodots, especially those synthesized by bottom-up approaches. Here, we provide a roadmap for the successful future of these nanodots.

    • Navneet C. Verma
    • , Aditya Yadav
    •  & Chayan K. Nandi
  • News and Views |

    An oxygen-free method of growing transition metal selenides leads to atomically thin films with unprecedented robustness against the most hostile conditions.

    • Miguel M. Ugeda
    Nature Materials 18, 539-540
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    A method to selectively grow pure metallic-phase monolayer transition metal dichalcogenides marks an important step towards industrially viable nano-(opto)electronic technologies based on two-dimensional materials and their hierarchical assemblies.

    • Aditya D. Mohite
    •  & Jean-Christophe Blancon
    Nature Materials 17, 1058-1059
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    Colloidal microparticles, with polymer composites encapsulated within two separate 2D material sheets, are fabricated by autoperforation, which can carry chemical and electronic information with long-term instability in complex environments.

    • Qiyuan He
    •  & Hua Zhang
    Nature Materials 17, 956-957