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    Although precipitates’ compositions are theoretically determined by thermodynamics, their formation kinetics can also lead to composition variations that allow further structural evolution, making the precipitation path more complex.

    • Emmanuel Clouet
    Nature Materials 17, 1060-1061
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    Line defects in two-dimensional borophene can self-assemble into new crystalline phases, blurring the distinctions between perfect and defective crystal.

    • Arkady V. Krasheninnikov
    Nature Materials 17, 757-758
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    Monatomic glassy antimony can now be achieved via melt-quenching in a nanoconfined volume in a device setting. In contrast to alloys currently used in phase-change memories, deviation from optimized composition is no longer an issue in this simple material.

    • Wei Zhang
    •  & Evan Ma
    Nature Materials 17, 654-655
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    The structure of the platelet defect in diamond has been determined by transmission electron microscopy, distinguishing the best-matched atomic model that settles a long-standing debate.

    • Jannik Meyer
    Nature Materials 17, 210-211