Solitons are waves with just a single crest. They result when a wave’s natural tendency to spread as it propagates is cancelled out by an inherently nonlinear phenomenon known as self-focusing. This means that solitons can travel a long distance whilst maintaining their same shape.

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  • Research |

    Efficient power transfer from the pump to the soliton can be achieved through field coupling between two optical resonators, allowing soliton frequency comb generation with tens-to-hundreds-of-fold improvement in conversion efficiency compared with a traditional single-resonator comb.

    • Xiaoxiao Xue
    • , Xiaoping Zheng
    •  & Bingkun Zhou
  • Research |

    Optical soliton dynamics in large-core hollow capillary fibres is demonstrated. The findings enable the scaling of soliton effects by several orders of magnitude to the multi-millijoule energy and terawatt peak power levels, and open up opportunities for new-generation table-top light sources for ultrafast strong-field physics and advanced spectroscopy.

    • John C. Travers
    • , Teodora F. Grigorova
    • , Christian Brahms
    •  & Federico Belli
  • Research | | open

    Multimode optical fibers can be used to observe complex intermodal processes like optical solitons. Here, Eftekhar et al. study accelerated nonlinear interaction in multimode fibers with a tapered core diameter and its effect on the temporal and spectral behavior of the multimode solitons.

    • M. A. Eftekhar
    • , Z. Sanjabi-Eznaveh
    • , H. E. Lopez-Aviles
    • , S. Benis
    • , J. E. Antonio-Lopez
    • , M. Kolesik
    • , F. Wise
    • , R. Amezcua-Correa
    •  & D. N. Christodoulides
  • Research |

    By nesting a Kerr microresonator in a fibre loop with gain, 50-nm-wide bright microcavity-based soliton combs with a mode efficiency of 75% can be induced at average powers more than one order of magnitude lower than the Lugiato–Lefever soliton power threshold, facilitating real-world applications.

    • Hualong Bao
    • , Andrew Cooper
    • , Maxwell Rowley
    • , Luigi Di Lauro
    • , Juan Sebastian Totero Gongora
    • , Sai T. Chu
    • , Brent E. Little
    • , Gian-Luca Oppo
    • , Roberto Morandotti
    • , David J. Moss
    • , Benjamin Wetzel
    • , Marco Peccianti
    •  & Alessia Pasquazi
    Nature Photonics 13, 384-389
  • Reviews |

    Multidimensional self-trapped states exist in many models of physical systems. However, they are highly unstable in media with the universal cubic nonlinearity. We review different mechanisms that may stabilize them, including non-Kerr nonlinearities, spin–orbit coupling and quantum fluctuations, among others.

    • Yaroslav V. Kartashov
    • , Gregory E. Astrakharchik
    • , Boris A. Malomed
    •  & Lluis Torner

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