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    A wealth of candidates are being investigated to improve the catalysts found in acidic and alkaline electrolysers. However, attention should be focused on developing stable water oxidation catalysts with improved intrinsic activity — not only increased geometric activity — alongside best practice for data collection.

    • Jakob Kibsgaard
    •  & Ib Chorkendorff
    Nature Energy 4, 430-433
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    While recent gains in the efficiency of photoelectrochemical devices for hydrogen production are encouraging, high efficiency is rarely combined with high power output, which is important for large-scale viability. Towards this goal, researchers now demonstrate a promising thermally integrated device driven by concentrated solar irradiation.

    • Tomas Edvinsson
    Nature Energy 4, 354-355
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    Semi-artificial photosynthesis offers advantages over purely natural or synthetic routes to producing chemicals from solar energy, but devices based on it have remained elusive. Now, researchers couple a dye-sensitized photoanode with natural components to generate H2 photoelectrochemically from water without additional bias.

    • Paul W. King
    Nature Energy 3, 921-922
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    Photocatalytic water splitting is a route to clean H2, but approaches based on hybrid semiconductor–metal nanoparticles often rely on sacrificial reagents to complete the oxidation half of the overall reaction. New research uses CdS nanocrystals modified with metallic and molecular co-catalysts to simultaneously produce H2 and O2 from water using visible light.

    • Uri Banin
    •  & Yuval Ben-Shahar
    Nature Energy 3, 824-825
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    Understanding interfacial charge transfer in water-splitting photoelectrodes is complicated by the delicate interplay between catalyst and light absorber. Now, an approach based on atomic force microscopy is exploited to measure the surface electrochemical potential of nanostructured catalyst-coated electrodes in operando.

    • Francesca Maria Toma
    Nature Energy 3, 6-7