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    A court ruling on environmental damages is a wake-up call: agencies are slipping in their mission to help the global poor, says Vijaya Ramachandran.

    • Vijaya Ramachandran
    Nature 567, 285
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    The physical and social environment that surrounds us has a profound impact on our brains and behaviour. This impact is so fundamental that a complete understanding of neural mechanisms cannot be developed without taking into account the extensive interactions between neurobiology, psychology, behaviour and the environment.

    • Marc G. Berman
    • , Omid Kardan
    • , Hiroki P. Kotabe
    • , Howard C. Nusbaum
    •  & Sarah E. London
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    Women have typically been excluded from forest conservation programs due to traditional decision-making structures in their villages and local governments. Research now shows that greater representation of women in forest-user groups leads to more equitable sharing of program benefits and increases conservation outcomes.

    • Björn Vollan
    •  & Adam Douglas Henry