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    Components of the spliceosome are frequently mutated in haematopoietic malignancies. Identification of mis-spliced genes promoting transformation will uncover novel targeted therapies. Now, a long isoform of IRAK4 is shown to be upregulated in a subset of acute myeloid leukaemia patients, conferring susceptibility for IRAK4 inhibition therapy.

    • Maria Guillamot
    •  & Iannis Aifantis
    Nature Cell Biology 21, 536-537
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    Doreen Cantrell describes a 2005 paper by Graham Hardie and colleagues showing that Ca2+–calmodulin-dependent protein kinase kinases could phosphorylate and activate AMPK, which suggested a biochemical link between T cell receptor signalling and ATP production.

    • Doreen A. Cantrell
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    Members of the SLAM family of receptors promote the progression of invariant natural killer T cells through the thymic maturation process and facilitate proper host responses to exogenous lipid antigen through the recruitment and activity of SAP–Fyn and SHP-1, respectively.

    • Shankar S. Iyer
    • , Yu-Hwa Huang
    •  & Richard S. Blumberg
    Nature Immunology 20, 378-379