Seed development


Seed development is the process by which seeds are formed from the end of fertilization to the production of a mature seed body.

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    Micronutrient deficiency in human diets that are over-reliant on cereals can have grave consequences for health. Combining genetics, grafting and multi-elemental image analysis, new research shows that two P1B-ATPases maternally export zinc inside the developing seed in Arabidopsis, offering a new strategy for crop biofortification.

    • Mary Lou Guerinot
    Nature Plants 2, 16060
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    Causal signals for seed initiation have been sought ever since double fertilization was discovered in 1898. New research reveals that auxin is an early driver of endosperm proliferation in Arabidopsis central cells, with or without fertilization.

    • Anna Koltunow
    •  & David S. Rabiger
    Nature Plants 1, 15189