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Scientific community and society encompasses research and material which directly concerns, or is relevant to, members of the community of scientists in particular or society at large.


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    The International Astronomical Youth Camp has benefited thousands of lives during its 50 year history. We explore the pedagogy behind this success, review a survey taken by more than 300 previous participants and discuss some of the challenges the camp faces in the future.

    • Hannah S. Dalgleish
    •  & Joshua L. Veitch-Michaelis
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    | Open Access

    Venkatesan and Coskun propose the use of digital posters instead of paper posters for disseminating progress reports in scientific meetings. These digital frames are capable of uploading multiple display items via wireless network and changing the interactive display with wave of a hand over an attached motion sensor.

    • Mythreye Venkatesan
    •  & Ahmet F. Coskun
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    Diversity of thought and perspective fosters innovation and productivity. Equity is an ethical imperative. There is plenty of scope to improve both diversity and equity in our field and this issue’s Focus puts the spotlight on actions today for a more inclusive tomorrow.

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    Improvements in magnetic tunnel junctions allows a 2 MB magnetic random-access memory array to be scaled for L4 cache applications.

    • Yizhou Liu
    •  & Guoqiang Yu