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    Louis Pasteur was a scientific giant of the nineteenth century, but, as Joseph Gal asks, was his most famous contribution to the understanding of chemistry — chirality — influenced more by his artistic talents?

    • Joseph Gal
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    Deradicalization programmes are the cornerstone of counter-terrorism strategies in many countries, yet few have been evaluated for their effectiveness. Stakeholders must introduce standards to ensure basic elements are in place, such as programme development, staff training, advisory services, and transparency.

    • Daniel Koehler
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    Computational techniques are central in many areas of neuroscience and are relatively easy to share. This paper describes why computer programs underlying scientific publications should be shared and lists simple steps for sharing. Together with ongoing efforts in data sharing, this should aid reproducibility of research.

    • Stephen J Eglen
    • , Ben Marwick
    • , Yaroslav O Halchenko
    • , Michael Hanke
    • , Shoaib Sufi
    • , Padraig Gleeson
    • , R Angus Silver
    • , Andrew P Davison
    • , Linda Lanyon
    • , Mathew Abrams
    • , Thomas Wachtler
    • , David J Willshaw
    • , Christophe Pouzat
    •  & Jean-Baptiste Poline
    Nature Neuroscience 20, 770–773