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    Brazil has a long history of important scientific discoveries that have contributed to the overall wealth and well-being of the country. Paulo Boggio argues that these can only be sustained if the government stops cutting the research and education budget and starts investing in human intellect and science.

    • Paulo Sérgio Boggio
  • Editorial |

    The unexpected swell of action, sparked by a Swedish teenager, has put climate change back on the political radar. With time on their side, youth will experience longer term climate change impacts more than those in decision making positions, meaning they want a say in their future.

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    The periodic table is immensely powerful for rationalizing many different properties of the chemical elements, but would turning it on its head make some important aspects easier to understand and give everyone a new perspective on chemistry?

    • Martyn Poliakoff
    • , Alexis D. J. Makin
    • , Samantha L. Y. Tang
    •  & Ellen Poliakoff
    Nature Chemistry 11, 391-393
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    Harry Cliff, a particle physicist, a Fellow of Modern Science at the Science Museum in London and the main curator of The Sun: Living with our Star, discusses the exhibition with Nature Astronomy.

    • Marios Karouzos
    •  & Luca Maltagliati
    Nature Astronomy 3, 112-113