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    Science, by its nature, is open to uncertainty and interpretation, but politicization — fuelled by motivated reasoning and advances in the technological environment — is leading to a new level of science scepticism among citizens and scientists themselves. What can be done to address these crises?

    • James N. Druckman
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    Choreographer Alexander Whitley, scientist Hugh Mortimer and educator Rachel Evans discuss the dance work 8 Minutes with Nature Astronomy.

    • Marios Karouzos
    •  & May Chiao
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    Dante Lauretta, Principal Investigator of the NASA OSIRIS-REx mission, discusses his experience with designing Xtronaut, a space-themed board game for the whole family.

    • Luca Maltagliati
    •  & Marios Karouzos
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    In 1664, Robert Boyle wrote: “So much admirable workmanship, as God hath displayed in the Universe, was never meant for eyes that willfully close themselves.” It is scientists' duty to make a convincing effort to ensure that this admirable workmanship is there for all to see.

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    Michael Donnay and Michelle Francl want chemists to share the stories behind the work they do, and not be afraid to identify the heroines and heroes — and their epic adventures — that paved the way.

    • Michelle Francl
    •  & Michael Donnay