Robustness is the property of a system whose behaviour is relatively insensitive to perturbations either in its environment or in its components. There is often a trade-off between robustness and adaptability.

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    Analysing plant–pollinator interactions across all major land use classes in four cities, the authors show that residential gardens and community gardens are urban pollinator hotspots, with pollinator abundance positively associated with household income.

    • Katherine C. R. Baldock
    • , Mark A. Goddard
    • , Damien M. Hicks
    • , William E. Kunin
    • , Nadine Mitschunas
    • , Helen Morse
    • , Lynne M. Osgathorpe
    • , Simon G. Potts
    • , Kirsty M. Robertson
    • , Anna V. Scott
    • , Phillip P. A. Staniczenko
    • , Graham N. Stone
    • , Ian P. Vaughan
    •  & Jane Memmott
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    Large-scale network analysis of invertebrate communities across >500 arable farms in the United Kingdom reveals that genetic modification for herbicide tolerance has little influence on overall network structure, which is largely shaped by crop type.

    • Athen Ma
    • , Xueke Lu
    • , Clare Gray
    • , Alan Raybould
    • , Alireza Tamaddoni-Nezhad
    • , Guy Woodward
    •  & David A. Bohan
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    In this article, Payne and Wagner discuss how recent experimental studies are complementing theoretical work to enhance our understanding of the evolvability of diverse biological systems. They highlight phenotypic heterogeneity, robustness and adaptive landscape topography as causes of evolvability, and they additionally discuss evidence for whether evolvability itself can evolve.

    • Joshua L. Payne
    •  & Andreas Wagner
  • Research | | open

    Diatoms account for 40% of marine primary production and their sensitivity to ocean acidification could have ecosystem-wide consequences. Here, the authors developed and applied a stress test, demonstrating that resilience of diatoms increases significantly in ocean acidification conditions.

    • Jacob J. Valenzuela
    • , Adrián López García de Lomana
    • , Allison Lee
    • , E. V. Armbrust
    • , Mónica V. Orellana
    •  & Nitin S. Baliga

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