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    The simulation of strongly correlated quantum phases using ultracold atoms in optical lattices was first proposed 20 years ago. In the wake of that pioneering idea, quantum simulations are now widely pursued in experiments across the world.

    • Immanuel Bloch
    Nature Physics 14, 1159-1161
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    Quantum many-body systems are often so complex as to be intractable. An algorithm that finds the ground state of any one-dimensional quantum system has now been devised, proving that the many-body problem is tractable for quantum spin chains.

    • Frank Verstraete
    Nature Physics 11, 524-525
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    The old adage that you can't tango alone is certainly true for humans. But recent experiments show that it may also be applicable to Rydberg atoms, which keep a beat through the coherent exchange of energy.

    • Robert Löw
    Nature Physics 10, 901-902
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    Accessing orbital exchange between highly symmetric many-component spins may hold the key to a number of exotic, strongly correlated quantum phenomena, but probing such exchange is far from easy. An experiment with ultracold gases takes on the task.

    • Alexey V. Gorshkov
    Nature Physics 10, 708-709