Quantum mechanics

Quantum mechanics is the study of the dynamics of particles at its most fundamental level. The state of a particle, such as its position or momentum, is described by a statistical distribution given by its wavefunction. As this name suggests, this formalism gives matter many properties that are classically associated with waves.

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  • News and Views |

    Are there limits to the applicability of textbook quantum theory? Experiments haven’t found any yet, but a new theoretical analysis shows that treating your colleagues as quantum systems might be a step too far.

    • Matthew F. Pusey
    Nature Physics 14, 977-978
  • Comments and Opinion |

    The physicist Giancarlo Ghirardi passed away on 1 June 2018, after a life devoted to the foundations of quantum mechanics.

    • Angelo Bassi
    Nature Physics 14, 774
  • Editorial |

    Commercial quantum devices are in their infancy, but the growing industry targeting quantum technologies is already having a tangible effect on the job market.

    Nature Physics 14, 321
  • News and Views |

    Quantum tomography infers quantum states from measurement data, but it becomes infeasible for large systems. Machine learning enables tomography of highly entangled many-body states and suggests a new powerful approach to this problem.

    • Pantita Palittapongarnpim
    •  & Barry C. Sanders
    Nature Physics 14, 432-433