Quantum mechanics

Quantum mechanics is the study of the dynamics of particles at its most fundamental level. The state of a particle, such as its position or momentum, is described by a statistical distribution given by its wavefunction. As this name suggests, this formalism gives matter many properties that are classically associated with waves.

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    A measurement based on quantum entanglement of the parameter describing the asymmetry of the Λ hyperon decay is inconsistent with the current world average. This shows that relying on previous measurements can be hazardous.

    • Ulrik Egede
  • Comments and Opinion |

    The 2005 Nobel laureate, Roy Jay Glauber, sadly passed away on 26 December 2018 at the age of 93. He was highly regarded for his work on the quantum theory of coherence, as well as for his contributions to nuclear physics, scattering theory and statistical mechanics.

    • Fritz Haake
    •  & Maciej Lewenstein
    Nature Photonics 13, 299-301
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    Are there limits to the applicability of textbook quantum theory? Experiments haven’t found any yet, but a new theoretical analysis shows that treating your colleagues as quantum systems might be a step too far.

    • Matthew F. Pusey
    Nature Physics 14, 977-978
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    The physicist Giancarlo Ghirardi passed away on 1 June 2018, after a life devoted to the foundations of quantum mechanics.

    • Angelo Bassi
    Nature Physics 14, 774
  • Editorial |

    Commercial quantum devices are in their infancy, but the growing industry targeting quantum technologies is already having a tangible effect on the job market.

    Nature Physics 14, 321
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    Quantum tomography infers quantum states from measurement data, but it becomes infeasible for large systems. Machine learning enables tomography of highly entangled many-body states and suggests a new powerful approach to this problem.

    • Pantita Palittapongarnpim
    •  & Barry C. Sanders
    Nature Physics 14, 432-433