Quantum fluids and solids


Quantum fluids and solids are substances in which the interaction between the constituent atoms or molecules is governed by the laws of quantum mechanics. The properties of these materials are strongly influenced by the motion of atoms even in their lowest energy state, known as zero-point motion.

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    Specialized imaging methods are now available to measure the quantum properties of materials with high sensitivity and resolution. These techniques are key to the design, synthesis and understanding of materials with exotic functionalities.

    • Kathryn Ann Moler
    Nature Materials 16, 1049–1052
  • News and Views |

    A state of matter known as a quantum spin liquid has been predicted to host Majorana fermions. Recent neutron scattering and specific heat results add to the growing body of evidence suggesting they exist in the quantum magnet α-RuCl3.

    • Natalia Perkins
    Nature Physics 13, 1041–1042
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    For 25 years of condensed matter science, physicists have searched for a material that realizes a macroscopic quantum state of matter: the quantum spin liquid. Recent experiments show that a necessary interaction may be found in a family of hexagonal ruthenium-based materials.

    • N. Peter Armitage
    Nature Materials 15, 701–702
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    The topological degeneracy associated with Majorana edge states has been measured in a spin-1/2 chain of cobalt atoms, thereby opening new avenues in low-dimensional quantum magnetism.

    • Frédéric Mila
    Nature Physics 12, 633–634