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    To advance kidney discovery, our community is driven to maximize the utility of genomic data that we all generate. We can best accomplish this through excellence in appropriately incorporating publicly available genomic data into our research efforts and by enthusiastically embracing widespread data sharing in a manner that facilitates its broad use.

    • Matthew G. Sampson
    •  & Hyun Min Kang
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    To promote effective sharing, we must create an enduring link between the people who generate data and its future uses, urge Heather H. Pierce and colleagues.

    • Heather H. Pierce
    • , Anurupa Dev
    • , Emily Statham
    •  & Barbara E. Bierer
    Nature 570, 30-32
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    All disciplines should follow the geosciences and demand best practice for publishing and sharing data, argue Shelley Stall and colleagues.

    • Shelley Stall
    • , Lynn Yarmey
    • , Joel Cutcher-Gershenfeld
    • , Brooks Hanson
    • , Kerstin Lehnert
    • , Brian Nosek
    • , Mark Parsons
    • , Erin Robinson
    •  & Lesley Wyborn
    Nature 570, 27-29
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    The region already hosts some of the world’s leading scientific countries, and some of its smaller states are quickly catching up.

    • Richard Van Noorden
    •  & Declan Butler
    Nature 569, 470-471