Psychology and behaviour

Psychology and behaviour is the study of human thought and action, both individually and collectively. It includes the way that people respond to particular situations and stimuli.


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    ‘Nudge’ interventions, such as green energy defaults, may be simple and cost-effective ways to address climate change and can complement more substantive climate policies. But, new research finds that information about a nudge policy lowers support for a carbon tax, unless that nudge policy is described as part of a comprehensive approach.

    • Alexander Maki
  • News and Views |

    Climate change exposes more people to heat waves and other extreme weather events. New research shows that experiencing a heat wave can affect concerns about energy security, but not enough to change behaviour.

    • Peter D. Howe
  • News and Views |

    According to the conventional wisdom, defection by one country from global climate cooperation should undermine the incentives for other countries to act. But new research shows that the public in the United States and China both maintain robust support for national climate reforms, even when a major carbon polluter stops cooperating.

    • Matto Mildenberger
  • News and Views |

    Climate change adaptation encompasses a wide range of behaviours in response to a variety of short- and long-term risks. Now meta-analyses identify which motivational factors are consistent predictors of adaptation action, and which are more context-specific.

    • Andrea Louise Taylor