Psychology and behaviour


Psychology and behaviour is the study of human thought and action, both individually and collectively. It includes the way that people respond to particular situations and stimuli.


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    The environmental impact of electric vehicles depends on the kind of energy used to charge them. They are typically charged at peak times, when extra fossil fuels are needed to meet energy demands. A study shows that e-mails targeting electric vehicle charging for new owners can be effective for promoting greener charging behaviours.

    • Deborah Roy
    Nature Energy 2, 17077
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    Decision scientists have identified remedies for various cognitive biases that distort climate-change risk perceptions. Researchers must now use the same empirical methods to identify strategies for reproducing — in the tumult of the real world — results forged in the tranquillity of their labs.

    • Dan M. Kahan
    •  & Katherine Carpenter
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    It is important to include the public in the processes by which decisions on societal trajectories are made. A study shows that interactive scenario-building tools can engage people in the holistic complexities of energy transitions, but these tools must be designed and used with care because elicited preferences can be influenced by contextual factors.

    • Tim Chatterton
    Nature Energy 2, 17030