Protein trafficking in plants

Protein trafficking in plants involves moving plant proteins from one cellular compartment to another. This involves various sorting and transport mechanisms such as gated transport, protein translocation, and vesicular transport.

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    The electrostatic charge at the inner surface of the plasma membrane is strongly negative in higher organisms. A new study shows that phosphatidylinositol-4-phosphate plays a critical role in establishing plasma membrane surface charge in Arabidopsis, which regulates the correct localization of signalling components.

    • Gergely Molnár
    • , Matyáš Fendrych
    •  & Jiří Friml
    Nature Plants 2, 16102
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    Florigen plant hormone is made in the leaf and then travels to the shoot apical meristem to trigger flowering. The phloem-mobile metal-binding protein NaKR1 physically interacts with florigen and mediates its long-distance transport through the sieve element.

    • Ji Hoon Ahn
    Nature Plants 2, 16081