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  • News and Views |

    For years, theory and model simulations have strongly disagreed on whether global warming will lead to scarcer or more plentiful water supplies. An elegant study now supplies the missing theoretical piece, strengthening the case that global water resources will increase in a warmer world.

    • Jacob Scheff
  • News and Views |

    Urban development induces local warming in addition to climate change. New research shows that urban growth, climate change and urban adaptation interact nonlinearly and diurnally.

    • Lei Zhao
  • Editorial |

    Global snow coverage has declined substantially with anthropogenic warming, impacting biological, socio-economic and physical systems. This issue includes a suite of Comments, Reviews, Perspectives and original research documenting the importance of snow in the climate system, and how this may change with continued warming.

  • News and Views |

    Plant transpiration is the largest continental water flux. Research now shows that climate and water availability projections are highly sensitive to the ways that plant responses to changing atmospheric conditions are represented.

    • Scott Jasechko