Predictive medicine

Predictive medicine is a branch of medicine that aims to identify patients at risk of developing a disease, thereby enabling either prevention or early treatment of that disease. Either single or more commonly multiple analyses are used to identify markers of future disposition to a disease.


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    Researchers have developed an in silico (computer) platform that couples tissue adaptation with cellular and molecular interactions to simulate bone adaptation to mechanical loading and progress and treatment of metabolic bone diseases. What is the benefit of such in silico tools, and how can credibility of the simulation outcomes be established?

    • Liesbet Geris
  • Comments and Opinion |

    Testing drug safety in people who are pregnant remains a wicked problem, but in the transition toward big data and machine learning, target trials could afford a viable alternative to randomized, controlled trials.

    • Anup P. Challa
    • , Robert R. Lavieri
    • , Ethan S. Lippmann
    • , Jeffery A. Goldstein
    • , Lisa Bastarache
    • , Jill M. Pulley
    •  & David M. Aronoff
    Nature Medicine 26, 820-821
  • Comments and Opinion |

    Although examples of algorithms designed to improve healthcare delivery abound, for many, clinical integration will not be achieved. The deployment cost of machine learning models is an underappreciated barrier to success. Experts propose three criteria that, assessed early, could help estimate the deployment cost.

    • Keith E. Morse
    • , Steven C. Bagley
    •  & Nigam H. Shah
    Nature Medicine 26, 18-19
  • Comments and Opinion |

    As artificial intelligence moves into the realm of clinical trials, consideration is needed on whether the current CONSORT and SPIRIT reporting statements are sufficient to ensure transparency.

    • Xiaoxuan Liu
    • , Samantha Cruz Rivera
    • , Livia Faes
    • , Lavinia Ferrante di Ruffano
    • , Christopher Yau
    • , Pearse A. Keane
    • , Hutan Ashrafian
    • , Ara Darzi
    • , Sebastian J. Vollmer
    • , Jonathan Deeks
    • , Lucas Bachmann
    • , Christopher Holmes
    • , An Wen Chan
    • , David Moher
    • , Melanie J. Calvert
    •  & Alastair K. Denniston
    Nature Medicine 25, 1467-1468